Please note! Customers assume all responsibility about any Copyright infringment about Audio we cut on vinyl and we assume that customers have Copyrights or permission from the copyright owner. The product is intended for personal / professional use only and not for resale. If you are a Producer or Label and you want to do a small quantity production for selling your vinyls then  you need to provide us a Mechanical License from the Rights Society of your Country. 
In order to have your Audio cut on vinyl, please note that we accepts only Audio Files in high quality in these formats 
We don't accept MP3 files or any other low quality files.

Consider that higher is the volume lower is the minutes you can cut on vinyl, because high volume means a wider vinyl groove so more room is needed. Please check below a list of the best duration in minutes per side in order to get the best result with high volume.

-7 inch at high volume max 4 minutes per side at 45 rpm
-10 inch at high volume max 6 minutes per side at 45 rpm or max 8 minutes per side at 33 rpm
-12 inch at high volume max  8 minutes per side at 45 rpm or max 12 minutes per side at 33 rpm

Also available on requests:
-Colored vinyls (ask for colors availability)
-Clear transparent vinyl
-5 inch vinyl
-Different color sleeves (Black, Red, Kraft paper, cardboard sleeves etc)

Mastering Service
If you need to master your tracks for  then check our Mastering service. 
We provide you both Mastering for Digital Download and Vinyl. CLICK HERE..